Sunday, February 7, 2010

being set free by the love of God

Jesus said that He is the way the truth and the life, He also said that the truth will set you free. And since He is the truth His intention is to set you free. Of course this only begins when we recieve Him as our savior. It is when you recieve Him this goes beyond only believing in Him. For as many as recieved Him to them gave He power to become the children of God. The first thing to do is set down the foundation. We cant build without the foundation. God is love, and because He is love everything He has ever done or will ever do has always been and will always be out of love, this is the heart of God towards you. The problem comes about in that we do not always understand how He loves us or at times the why. So we must look to the word of God for this revealing. At this point let me say that I will be using the KJV for bible reference and I may not always give scripture and verse reference but it is my hope to word what is said in such a way that you will recognize the verses. I will appolagize now for any mistakes in typing or sentence structure as this blogging is allnew to me please bear with me..

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